Protected Parks and Gardens to Visit this Autumn

As the nights grow shorter and the leaves get crispier, here are some of the best parks and gardens to visit this Autumn. Read more

Allotmentitis: How Britain Dug for Victory

Allotmentswere born out of a national drive for self-sufficiency. Here we take a look at the history of allotments and their significance to our historic landscape.Read more

Fashionable Fakery: 8 Fantastical Follies

Follies litter our 18th century landscapes, representing the humour and eccentricity of the financier. Here we take a look at 8 fantastical features.Read more

A Brief Introduction to… Garden and Park Structures

Have you ever wondered about that grand mansion set into the hills of your local park or public garden? Perhaps there are the crumbling remnants of what looks like some kind of castle or fort? You may have considered where these structures came from and why they’re still there, existing in a seemingly original and potentially repurposed state. A large number of such structures are protected by listing, and when identified can tell a story about their locality and howRead more

5 Plants the Romans Gave Us

The British love to get out in the garden but did you know some of our most familiar garden plants and weeds were introduced around two thousand years ago when Britain became part of the Roman Empire?Read more

How do you protect a historic garden?

Patience Trevor is a former Senior Designation Adviser and reflects on her time setting up the first Register of Parks and Gardens 35 years ago.  In 1984 (under the Heritage Act 10982-4), we got the go-ahead to produce a Pilot Register of Historic Parks and Gardens, for the first time giving recognition to man-made, designed landscapes in the planning framework. Brief descriptions, similar to list entries at the time, covered the best-known sites in eighteen selected counties from Northumberland toRead more

Women Celebrated by Registered Parks and Gardens

Carrie Cowan is an archaeologist in the Designation Department. She took a diploma in Garden History at Birkbeck University and is especially interested in researching and designating gardens on English Heritage’s Register of Parks and Gardens, now on the National Heritage List for England.  The women celebrated by Registered Parks and Gardens project gave me a chance to tell the story of gardens through women as opposed to the usual male-dominated names of garden history – designers such as Humphry ReptonRead more