The Story of the Festival of Britain

The Festival of Britain was a government-sponsored nationwide exhibition celebrating and promoting Britain’s excellence in design, technology, industry, architecture, science and the arts. Read more

England’s Seaside Heritage from the Air

Author Allan Brodie describes how photographs from the Aerofilms collection tell the story of England’s seaside resorts.Read more

10 Eccentric English Customs, Traditions and Ceremonies — and the Stories Behind Them

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Britain Brought to a Standstill: The General Strike of 1926

On 3 May 1926, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) called a general strike across Britain to start at one minute before midnight. Read more

From Prototype to Defender of the Skies: The Story of the Spitfire

The British Spitfire – the iconic, high performance aircraft, celebrated for its maneuverability, speed and fire power – helped the RAF turn the tide of the Second World War in the Allies’ favour.Read more

The Untold Story of the Highway Code

The British Highway Code – ‘…a guide to the proper use of the highway and a code of good manners…’ – celebrates the 90th anniversary of its first publication in 2021.Read more

The Extraordinary Story of Pioneering Aviator Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson became a living legend after becoming the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia. Here we look at her extraordinary story.Read more

9 Interesting Facts About Life as a 19th-century Mill Worker

Mills are a rich and fascinating part of our history. These sleeping giants are a defining feature on the skyline of our industrial landscape, standing as a tangible link to the past. Read more

How to Recreate an Archive Photograph

Carrie Marks, Imaging Technician Trainee for our John Laing Breaking New Ground project, decided to re-shoot some of the old photographs in the collection to highlight how the buildings have changed (or not) over time.Read more

9 Ancient Roman Ruins You Need to Visit

Remains of Roman Britain can be found everywhere, from walls left in our cities to forts and villas in the countryside. Read more