The Story of the Festival of Britain

The Festival of Britain was a government-sponsored nationwide exhibition celebrating and promoting Britain’s excellence in design, technology, industry, architecture, science and the arts. Read more

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Britain brought to a standstill: The General Strike of 1926

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Empress Matilda and ‘The Anarchy’

If your image of a medieval noblewoman is someone in a tall pointed hat passively swooning at her knight’s jousting abilities, we forgive you: this is indeed a theme in medieval art and literature. But there were a number of medieval women leaders whose careers clearly break this stereotypical mould.Read more

Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians

Here we take a look at the career of the determined ruler of Mercia, Aethelflaed, daughter of Alfred the Great, who battled Vikings, built forts and founded towns.Read more

Football, Beerhouses and Books: How Victorian Mill Workers Entertained Themselves

The lives of Victorian mill workers were far from easy. Fines, beatings, maiming and even death, were commonplace.Read more

From Prototype to Defender of the Skies: The Story of the Spitfire

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5 Significant Historic Sites in Shropshire

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The Untold Story of the Highway Code

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