21 Amazing Places in England Recently Given Protected Status

1. Ennerdale, Cumbria. About 2000 BC to present Despite being clothed in over 1,200 hectares of coniferous plantations, the Ennerdale valley retains evidence for human occupation from the Bronze age through to the present day. New historic sites to have been identified include prehistoric cairnfields, numerous medieval settlements, and longhouses and an ironworking site. 2. Mere End Down Romano-British field system, Letcombe Bassett, Oxfordshire. AD 100 to 400 A fortuitous survival of earthworks representing a small part of a Romano-BritishRead more

8 Interesting Facts about Signal Boxes

1. In its familiar form, a raised structure with large windows enabling signalman to maintain a look-out, the signal box evolved in the early 1860s from huts and towers housing policeman. 2. Signal boxes were an integral part of the ‘block’ system which was introduced gradually between the 1860s and the 1880s to ensure that there was an interval of space (or block) between trains running over the same length of track. 3. The signal box as we know it todayRead more

March’s Research Report Series

This month, we have only one new report to tell you about but it is possible to download a vast array of reports (for free) from our database and, to point you in the direction of some interesting research, I thought I’d let you know our three most popular titles. Also at the moment, English Heritage is coordinating a public consultation on the overarching priorities for the historic environment and on how it involves you and other individuals and organisations who care about heritage.Read more