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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

This year we’ve been demystifying Listing, talking about the importance of public art, and exploring LGBTQ history, among many other topics.

In case you missed them, here’s a recap of the most-read blog posts of this year.

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1. 7 Buildings to Mark the Brontë Bicentenary

© Historic England


From the buildings that inspired her first novel Jane Eyre, to the house where she contracted a fatal illness, here we take a look at seven buildings which witnessed the life of English novelist Charlotte Brontë, born 200 years ago this April.

2. Discovered by Disaster: 6 Astounding Archaeological Finds from Environmental Change

© Historic England


Some of the most exciting discoveries have come about through dramatic changes in the environment. From the mysterious Formby footprints to the rock art of Fylingdales Moor, take a look at 6 astounding archaeological finds.

3. 5 Magnificent English Mosques

© Historic England

In celebration of Visit My Mosque Day (Feb 2016), here are five buildings which reveal the fascinating history and variety of mosques in England.

4. 10 Historic Urban Prisons

Interior C Wing, HMP Preston, Lancashire, Preston
© Historic England

Historic England’s prison expert Allan Brodie chooses 10 of England’s most interesting urban prisons that help to tell the story of 250 years of imprisonment.

5. A Brief Introduction to Boston: The Making of a Market Town

© Historic England

Few people realise what a fascinating town Boston, Lincolnshire is. Here we take a look at some of Boston’s architectural highlights.


Thanks for reading, see you in 2017! 

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  1. Charlotte K

    I live in Boston, Mass. and so enjoyed the feature on the original Boston. Nice to see it pop up here again.

  2. Working in Denmark in the field of built heritage, it is inspiring to read your blog

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