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Top 5 Historic Places That Can Make You Happy

This year’s Heritage Counts reveals that visiting different types of historic places can have a positive impact on our general wellbeing and happiness. The results found a significant relationship between life satisfaction and visiting heritage, from historic towns to archaeological sites, and for the first time ever have identified the types of heritage sites that can have the most positive impact on our quality of life.

5. Archaeological Sites

Wharram Percy, North Yorkshire, cared for by English Heritage

Archaeological sites offer a world of mystery and romanticism so it’s no surprise that visiting a place like Wharram Percy can have a positive impact on our wellbeing. These sites give us a glimpse into the lives of our ancestors and can make us feel connected to our past. There are many archaeological societies running community archaeology digs in local areas and the Council for British Archaeology have interesting events and projects listed on their website.

4. Historic Places of Worship

Wells Cathedral, Somerset

After the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are the most visited paid historic attractions in Britain, but visiting a historic place of worship can be as easy as taking a stroll around your local parish church.

3. Historic Industrial Sites

J W Evans Silver Factory
J W Evans Silver Factory, Birmingham, cared for by English Heritage

Visiting a historic industrial site like J.W. Evans Silver Factory  ranked third for impacting positively on our wellbeing. You can also do more than just visit: listed  industrial buildings are more at risk than almost any other kind of heritage and our Heritage at Risk programme shows ways you can get involved in supporting your industrial heritage.

2. Historic Buildings

Little Moreton Hall
Little Moreton Hall, cared for by The National Trust. © Anne

Historic buildings like National Trust property Little Moreton Hall are the type of heritage to have the second best impact on wellbeing. Looking for a quick pick-me-up? Try looking for listed buildings in your local area using the Heritage Gateway or search by postcode on our website.

1. Historic Town or City

Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland

Out of all the different types of heritage identified in the research, visiting a historic town or city such as the beautiful Berwick-Upon-Tweed will have the most positive impact on your happiness.

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  1. Pick one?!?!

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    Yes, indeed!

  3. Annie Boag

    Old Sarum !

  4. Robert Pugsley

    I would love to have been made happy by visiting the silver factory in Birmingham but it appears not to be open again until next spring!

  5. Louise marsh

    Folkestone harbour railway is my favorite historical place. So sad to hear it is being destroyed.


    YORK MINSTER…………………

  7. Avebury

  8. I am so lucky, I live in Norwich and part of the Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Project and am, with my gang of volunteers, surveying Norwich Cathedral!

  9. Glad you used Berwick. Even the railway station there is constructed around old castle walls. A magic place.

  10. Sutton Hoo

  11. oh my god, I need a holiday so bad!

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    Always thought this was true. We have had an amazing summer and when I look back on it there is an awful lot of history involved!

  13. London! lived here over thirty years and still discovering stuff!

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    We’re obviously in the right line of work. Heritage certainly makes us happy!

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  16. Not only do I Iove wandering around parts of London (mum’s side of the famiIy) but Bomber Command sites – Dad was a PFE on Lancasters so it gives me that sense of connection!

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