9 Places that Tell the Story of the Royal Air Force

Some of our most important listed structures help to illustrate the key achievements of the RAF during the twentieth century. Read more

6 Fascinating listings in 2017

As well as providing legal protection for historic places, listing gives us the opportunity to celebrate little-known parts of history and shed light on amazing feats of architecture.Read more

Scheduling Makes its Stamp on Ancient Britain

Today, the Royal Mail have released a set of ‘Ancient Britain’ Stamps, continuing a long tradition of depicting historic subjects on stamps that dates back to the 1960s, when the Post Office began to issue sets of special stamps on a regular basis. Around twelve sets of ‘special stamps’ are issued every year. Eight historic sites and archaeological finds from around Britain are depicted on the new Ancient Britain stamps: five in England and one each in Scotland, Wales andRead more

A Brief History of Burial

As religious beliefs and the location of human settlements have developed over time, so have our burial rites and memorials to the dead. Our knowledge of these rituals is instrumental in understanding the communities which have inhabited England throughout our known history. Sites such as the Anglo Saxon cemetery in Norfolk, in an excavation by archaeologists from MOLA and funded by Historic England, open up the history of our attitude to death and inform the protection of these important sites.Read more

“I’m sorry but what is a Scheduled Monument?”

Jane Sidell, Inspector of Ancient Monuments for London at Historic England, sheds some light on the term and talks us through some of the fascinating scheduled monuments she’s come across. “I’m sorry but what is a Scheduled Monument?” This was a question I received recently after giving a talk about recent archaeological projects in London. The questioner was a little embarrassed, but it’s a remarkably good question. He wanted to know how something qualifies to be a monument; what givesRead more

Monuments and Moors – not just a pile of old stones…

Across the North York Moors there are hundreds of ancient monuments that stand as testament to our past. Despite their importance, some of these monuments are at risk, either through farming techniques, bracken growth or a steady stream of visitors to the National Park. Now a new scheme, run in conjunction with English Heritage and the North York Moors National Park, has been set up to help manage these risks so the monuments can survive alongside our modern lives. TheRead more