8 Reasons to Love Historic Manchester

Famed for its industrial output, pioneering political movements and musical exports, Manchester’s rich heritage is of national importance, recognised worldwide. Here we celebrate 8 places that tell the story of Manchester’s history. 1. Manchester was commended by a US President You may wonder how a 4 metre high statue of ‘Honest Abe’ Lincoln found its way to Brazennoze Street in central Manchester. The origins of the statue go back to the 19th century, when Manchester was one of the biggestRead more

How to do… Buildings Archaeology

Buildings: we live and work in them, use them and ignore them. But are they wallpaper to you or are you fascinated by them, their design and their history? We can all enjoy buildings more with an archaeological approach and here are some tips on how to interpret, analyse and record them. You’ll soon know your crucks from your plinths… Written by Lucy Jessop, Senior Investigator, Historic England. Header Image: Avon Mills, Malmesbury, Wiltshire. 1. Investigation We look closely at buildingsRead more

Can social media help us better understand our relationship with historic buildings?

Cities are carpeted with pictures, but these pictures are not public art or the work of a subversive street artist. They are the geo-tagged photos continuously being uploaded to sites like Flickr and Twitter. This is creating a new world to explore. A world which could change how we think about the built environment and its heritage. We know that people engage with heritage (around half the adult English population visit for pleasure a historic town or city in aRead more