Heritage at Risk: In Progress

Founded in 1998, the Heritage at Risk register is
the annual snapshot of the health of England’s historic places.Read more

I’m sorry but what is a conservation area?

There are more than 10,000 conservation areas in England. With 59% being rural and 41% urban – there’s a lot of variety.Read more

Heritage at Risk at the Movies

Our Heritage at Risk programme protects and manages the historic environment, so the number of ‘at risk’ historic places and sites across England is reduced. Stephanie Dance-Groom, Historic England’s Local Engagement Adviser in the South East, takes us through some of her local Heritage at Risk sites that have featured on the silver screen in the past and need our help now.  Doctor Who is running again. It’s Tom Baker this time (the one with the preposterously long scarf and jelly beans). Surrounded byRead more

6 Inspiring Stories of Heritage Angels

Since its inception in 2011, the Historic England Angel Awards have celebrated some amazing individuals and groups that have worked tirelessly to preserve local heritage and culture.Read more

6 Historic Sites Added to the Heritage at Risk Register

Our Heritage at Risk Register is an annual snapshot of the health of England’s heritage. This year 327 historic places have been added to the Register, including these six sites that, if they’re not repaired, are at risk of being lost forever.Read more