Picturing the Blitz: Images of England at War

The National Buildings Record was born in the Blitz; hurriedly created in early 1941 to photograph and document the historic fabric of England before it was lost forever. TRead more

Britain’s Home Front: 9 Remarkable Aerial Images That Reveal the Impact of the First World War

1. National Projectile Factory in Hackney, London During the First World War demand for munitions soared and sections of the British landscape were dedicated to vast factories.  An area of 35.5 acres in Hackney Marshes was taken to build the National Projectile Factory.  Click on the image to see the extensive railway used to transport materials around the site. Little remains of the factory today, but it is immortalised in a painting by Anna Airy at the Imperial War Museum.Read more

Aerofilms: A History of Britain from Above

Have you seen an air photograph of where you live?  Perhaps you’ve got used to the view by using a website like Google Earth.  These days it’s easy to get an aerial perspective on the world, but this has happened only recently.  Our lavishly illustrated new book, Aerofilms: A History of Britain from Above, tells the story of how the entrepreneurs of Aerofilms Ltd turned aerial photography from a military specialism of the First World War into a commercial enterpriseRead more

English seaside resorts through the Aerofilms lens

Regina Papachlimitzou is the Activity Team Support Officer for Britain from Above. The project is a four year Heritage Lottery Fund supported project run by English Heritage and the Royal Commissions on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland and Wales, and involves the conservation, digitisation and cataloguing of 95,000 negatives from the Aerofilms collection.  Click on images for a larger view – the original (even larger) images can be seen on the Britain from Above website.  Stranded in the waterRead more

Britain from Above & people who like looking at pictures…

In 2007, working with the Welsh and Scottish Royal Commissions, English Heritage acquired the historically important Aerofilms collection of oblique aerial photography. And in 2011, the Britain from Above project began – our aim was to conserve, digitise and make available to the public via a dedicated website the early part of this collection. My name is Laura Maddison and I’m one of four cataloguers working on the English Aerofilms images. I’m based at the Engine House in Swindon, home ofRead more