Suffragettes: 8 places where history happened

The new film, ‘Suffragette’, released last month, puts the unsung women of the early women’s movement in the spotlight. It highlights the work of ordinary working-class women and the sacrifices they made to secure the vote, the lack of which grouped them with the insane and the poorest men in society in terms of voting rights.Read more

10 Things You Should Know About WWI

In popular imagination the First World War is associated with the trenches of France and Belgium, the beaches of Gallipoli, and the deserts of Arabia. The following images – the majority sourced from Historic England’s Archives – highlight some surprising and little-known stories of the war’s impact on England.Read more

A Brief Introduction to Ancient Paths and Highways

From main roads connecting towns and cities to meandering green lanes and mysterious paths to nowhere, our highways and byways are steeped in history. Freight lorries bound for the Continent still use prehistoric tracks, long-distance coaches hurtle along Roman roads and farmers depend on medieval lanes to reach their fields. A number of these routes have been protected through scheduling: is there an ancient road near you? Early Footsteps: Tracks on the Somerset Levels Human footprints have been found preserved onRead more

Have we found King Henry V’s great ship the Holigost?

A historic shipwreck discovered in a ‘medieval breaker’s yard’ in Hampshire is likely to be the remains of 600-year old warship, the Holigost. But what do we know about it? Dr Ian Friel is a historian and expert advisor to Historic England.The Holigost was one of four famous vessels known as the ‘great ships’, the biggest built in medieval England. These impressive warships were a symbol of royal power, built specifically to open the way for an English invasion ofRead more