Heritage Pub Quiz: Celebrating Great Inter-War Pubs

A handful of England’s best inter-war pubs, built between 1918 and 1939, have just been listed following Historic England’s research. They were rebuilt during the “improved” pub movement when breweries tried to appeal to more respectable customers, including families and women. The aim was to leave behind the image of drunkenness associated with the opulent Victorian gin palaces and pubs. These pubs are important social spaces which have stood at the hearts of communities for decades. Listing offers them protection butRead more

England’s Record Breaking Heritage

The Guinness World Records celebrates 60 years of extraordinary achievements this week, from globetrotting explorers to sports heroes smashing records. In this spirit, we’ve delved into our Heritage List to identify listed buildings, scheduled sites and registered gardens that might – if tested! – break records. Competition is fierce and what qualifies often sparks debate between heritage experts.* *Disclaimer: these aren’t a definitive list of verified record breakers, but give you a flavour of England’s extraordinarily diverse heritage.   The Oldest FritchleyRead more

6 Forgotten Women Who Helped End Slavery

The anti-slavery movement grew from the 1790s onwards and attracted thousands of women. At a time when women had no official voice or political power, they boycotted slave grown sugar, canvassed door to door, presented petitions to parliament and even had a dedicated range of anti-slavery products. In 1792 the sugar boycott is estimated to have been supported by around 100,000 women. By 1833 the national women’s petition against slavery had more than 187,000 signatures.Read more

11 Striking Images from England’s Past

Choosing 300 images for Picturing England, a new book featuring photographs from our Archive, was both a joy and a torment. It was a joy because my colleagues in the Archive unearthed so many fascinating and unfamiliar pictures from our holdings and a torment because we had to leave out so many wonderful photographs.Read more

5 Magical Sounds that Capture the Coast

As a kid I spent a lot of time on the beaches of south Devon. Dawlish Warren was a particular favourite with its sand dunes, the amazing Exe estuary and the walk to Dawlish where the footpath was pinned between the sea and the railway. Our earliest memory of days at the seaside set in stone an affinity with the coast that can last a lifetime. Read more

10 Great Seaside Resorts

England has an unrivalled collection of great seaside resorts, ranging from huge city-sized settlements such as Brighton, Bournemouth and Blackpool to small, quiet resorts, places to retreat to for calm contemplation and a cream tea.Read more