Home From the War: What Happened to Disabled First World War Veterans

Around 2 million soldiers, sailors and airmen came home with some level of disability: over 40,000 were amputees; some had facial disfigurement or had been blinded.Read more

An Introduction to ‘Thankful Villages’

In the First World War every village saw young people leave to serve their country. Over 700,000 Britons died, yet 53 village communities suffered no fatalities.Read more

6 things you may not know about POWs in England during the First World War

Prisoners were interned in hundreds of locations across England, ranging from purpose-built camps holding thousands of men, to locations that held just a few individuals. Read more

War memorials of the north: then & now

A mystery postcard collection documents the unveiling of local war memorials, with hundreds of people present. Each memorial represents a different tale of loss in a northern town.Read more

Forgotten Heroes of the First World War

The Labour Corps of the First World War comprised mostly of a multi-ethnic army of workers, without whom the war would have ground to a halt.Read more

Hidden in Plain Sight: Echoes of the First World War

100 years on from the First World War, evidence of damage and loss can still be seen on our streets. Read more

7 Unusual War Memorials

The aftermath of the First World War saw a wave of public commemoration, sometimes in the form of quite unusual war memorials.Read more