10 Great English Railway Stations

1. London Paddington Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s trainshed at Paddington is one of the wonders of British architecture. The first real cathedral of the railway age, with columns supporting the innovative, ridge-and-furrow glazed roof, it was both decorative and ingeniously functional.  Hidden pipes drained rainwater underneath the concourse floor, while the roof’s iron beams were pierced with geometric shapes to help the cleaners fit the scaffolding necessary to clean this complex structure.Read more

The man from the ministry… he says yes

Natalie Gates heads up the new Historic Places Team in the East of England.  Here, she tells us about what inspired her to work on the new publication, Constructive Conservation: Sustainable Growth for Historic Places. Like many others working in English Heritage’s local Planning and Conservation teams, I love good modern architecture and I relish the opportunity to make a contribution towards improving a historic area or ensuring that a historic building continues to have a function in the modernRead more