The Silvertown Tragedy: Explosion on the Home Front

100 years ago today, on 19th January 1917 at 6.52pm, a catastrophic explosion at the Brunner Mond and Company’s high explosive TNT factory in Silvertown, East London killed 73 people and injured hundreds. Most were local residents, including children and babies. The force of the explosion was tremendous.  Streets of houses were flattened. Across the river from Silvertown, on the Greenwich Peninsula at a gas works, now the site of the O2 Arena, one of the gas holders exploded. UpRead more

Documenting the Physical Legacy of the Home Front 1914 – 18

Today the Council for British Archaeology, English Heritage and many other national organisations are launching an online project, Home Front Legacy 1914 – 18, which turns us all into archaeologists. It could not be more exciting or important. We are seeking to record as many as possible of the thousands of First World War related sites in the UK. With the help of members of the public armed with their mobile phones, tablets or just a pencil and paper, weRead more