A Brief Introduction to…Vernacular Houses

First things first, what is a vernacular house? These are houses built to reflect local customs and traditions using locally available materials like wood, stone and brick. They are ordinary, rather than monumental buildings and so different from region to region that they are a vital part of England’s local distinctiveness, defining the country’s much-loved landscape. Some of these simple houses are now listed and celebrated as nationally important. They are irreplaceable evidence of how our ancestors used to live, build andRead more

Innovation and the Country House

When you visit a country house open to the public, look beyond the elaborate plasterwork, elegant furniture or collections of Old Masters and ask how the family and their servants lived from day to day in such houses. Innovative technological advances of the time where adopted, and can still be found on display, particularly in those country homes which have now opened up their servants’ quarters to the visiting public. Here are 6 objects which contributed to comfortable living:  Written byRead more

March’s Research Report Series

This month, we have only one new report to tell you about but it is possible to download a vast array of reports (for free) from our database and, to point you in the direction of some interesting research, I thought I’d let you know our three most popular titles. Also at the moment, English Heritage is coordinating a public consultation on the overarching priorities for the historic environment and on how it involves you and other individuals and organisations who care about heritage.Read more