Croydon Cenotaph, Surrey

Croydon Cenotaph, Surrey. Sculpture by Paul Raphael Montford. Unveiled 22 October 1921. Upgraded to Grade II*. © Historic England DP182708. This memorial has several unusual aspects. The detailed bronze figure on the left is a soldier of the East Surrey Regiment who has a bandaged head wound and is also dressing a wound on his own arm. The soldier has a rifle behind him and a grenade at his feet - all indicating that he is at the front line. The woman to the right, wearing a wedding ring, is holding a child and clutching a letter. She is turned towards the soldier, eyes closed in distress. The implication is that she is a grieving widow, having just heard of the death of her husband. The memorial symbolises the suffering caused by war to both combatants and civilians and is unsual in showing the twin faces of war.

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