“I’m sorry but what is a Scheduled Monument?”

Jane Sidell, Inspector of Ancient Monuments for London at Historic England, sheds some light on the term and talks us through some of the fascinating scheduled monuments she’s come across. “I’m sorry but what is a Scheduled Monument?” This was a question I received recently after giving a talk about recent archaeological projects in London. The questioner was a little embarrassed, but it’s a remarkably good question. He wanted to know how something qualifies to be a monument; what givesRead more

New Discovery at the ‘Home of Easter’

After almost 20 years of intermittent excavation on the Whitby Abbey Headland we were putting together the records and drawn plans of a 7th century Anglian cemetery, which lay some distance to the south of the ruined 13th century abbey church. As she pulled them together our colleague, the late Sarah Jennings, saw that there had been a rectangular area in the centre of the cemetery, surrounded by close packed burials, and defined by trenches and stone walls. She hadRead more