The First British Bungalow

Dr Andy Brown, our Planning Director, takes us through the mysterious origins of the bungalow in Britain. Single storey dwellings under the name ‘bungalow’ have been around since the mid-19th century. The bungalow became both a symbol of bohemianism and the building type of choice for the aspiring upper-middle class seeking an affordable second home in which to enjoy the new concept of ‘the weekend’. The first modern bungalow The first modern British bungalows were designed by little-known English architect,Read more

A Brief Introduction to…Vernacular Houses

First things first, what is a vernacular house? These are houses built to reflect local customs and traditions using locally available materials like wood, stone and brick. They are ordinary, rather than monumental buildings and so different from region to region that they are a vital part of England’s local distinctiveness, defining the country’s much-loved landscape. Some of these simple houses are now listed and celebrated as nationally important. They are irreplaceable evidence of how our ancestors used to live, build andRead more