England’s Lost Asylums

For centuries, mental illness was regarded as a spiritual affliction rather than a medical one; thankfully social attitudes have changed. The treatment of people with mental illness can be traced through the institutions that cared for them, some of which provide us with a fascinating insight into medical history. The concept of an asylum now is outdated, and many former institutions have been repurposed numerous times since their inception in the early 19th century, but those with special architectural interestRead more

Do you know where Bedlam was?

Do you know how people with leprosy were able to worship in the middle-ages? Who were the first people to get married by sign language? Who were the Guild of Brave Poor Things? Where Bedlam was? Or who invented the first dropped kerb? You may never have wondered about these things before. Or maybe you have, but haven’t found the answers. Or like me, you may know a bit about disability history, but it’s limited to a few ghoulish talesRead more