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Accidentally Wes Anderson: Photographs of England

Check out these places in England that are 'Accidentally Wes Anderson.' Maybe one will be the setting for his next movie?

Wes Anderson’s film ‘The French Dispatch’, set in post-war France, is released in the UK on October 22 2021.

To celebrate, we’re looking at places in England that are ‘accidentally Wes Anderson.’ Maybe one of these will be the setting for his next movie?

Who is Wes Anderson?

Wes Anderson is an American filmmaker. His films include ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, and ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. They are known for their distinctive visual style of symmetrical viewpoints and bold colour.

In recent years, the phrase ‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’ was popularised by the Instagram account @accidentallywesanderson, to describe places photographed in a similar style.

How to shoot like Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson’s style draws on the principles of architectural photography, something also used by our photographers. His style is possibly influenced by iconic photographers of ‘straight photography’ like Atget, Sander, Candida Höfer and the Bechers.

You won’t find many converging verticals in Anderson’s films, where the buildings true form is compromised by viewing upwards. Perspective control and keeping the camera level is key.

Architectural photographers set out to articulate the built environment as succinctly as possible. Wes Anderson utilises simplicity as a key component of his compositional oeuvre. Appropriate accoutrements are allowed, but unnecessary objects are removed, which is why Anderson’s scenes look clinical.

Places in England that are Accidentally Wes Anderson

If you’re inspired to take some Wes Anderson-style photography, take a look at some of our examples below.

The Crown House, 33 Waterside, Ely, Cambridgeshire

Moseley Road Baths, Birmingham, West Midlands

HMP Garth, Lancashire

Wing interior of the prison with two pool tables

Grand Pier, Marine Parade, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Isle of Dogs Pumping Station, Tower Hamlets, London

Seating shelter, Southsea, Hampshire

St. Mary’s RC Church, Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Civic Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Sandford Parks Lido, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham, West Midlands

Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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