10 Great Places Where Beer Meets the Church

1. Christ Church, Southwark Beer and the church are not such strange bedfellows as you might think. Christ Church (1960, architect R. Paxton Watson) in Southwark houses a set of windows depicting local trades, including the hop industry. They were the work of Frederick Walter Cole (1908–98), then working for the church furnishers J. Wippell & Co of Exeter, and were installed for the opening of the church. The hop industry window features a small panel showing the brewing process,Read more

In pictures: a brief introduction to the best of seafront heritage

The seafront is the bit of the seaside that everyone remembers – beach huts, amusements, hotels and boarding houses, gardens, sea walls, car parks and piers – but it is currently faced with numerous threats from development as well as exposure to the elements. Coastal erosion is a constant reality and many historic sea walls, huts and shelters have been swept away since last December in storms, floods and storm surges. The aim of our project is to catalogue and digest the best ofRead more

10 Exceptional First World War memorials

1. Liverpool Cenotaph Architect Lionel Budden, unveiled 1930. Grade I listed Designed by local architect Lionel Budden, the altar-like Liverpool Cenotaph is adorned with some of local sculptor Herbert Tyson-Smith’s most powerful work. The craftsmanship of these bronze reliefs is outstanding, with powerful and modern designs forming a poignant reminder of the effects of the war on Liverpool. 2. Royal Navy War Memorial, Portsmouth Designer Sir Robert Lorimer, Sculptor Henry Poole, unveiled 1924. Grade II listed The memorial commemorates 25,000 British andRead more

What do Buddhist Buildings Tell Us About Buddhist Communities in England?

Buddhism in Britain has received a reasonable amount of academic attention, particularly how various traditions and lineages have adapted to the British social and cultural context, but there has been little dedicated concern about the buildings that Buddhist communities build and use. It was during our first research visit to Jamyang London, a Tibetan Buddhist centre in a converted Victorian court-house, that it became abundantly clear that the buildings Buddhists use tell us a great deal about their corresponding communities, and are aRead more