March’s Research Report Series

This month, we have only one new report to tell you about but it is possible to download a vast array of reports (for free) from our database and, to point you in the direction of some interesting research, I thought I’d let you know our three most popular titles. Also at the moment, English Heritage is coordinating a public consultation on the overarching priorities for the historic environment and on how it involves you and other individuals and organisations who care about heritage.Read more

Blackpool – ‘The Great Roaring Spangled Beast’

I am often asked why are we writing a book on Blackpool. Is English Heritage now recording the history of Strictly Come Dancing or the escapades of stag and hen nights? Well, in a sense yes! That is a part of the long colourful history of Britain’s favourite seaside resort, a history of entertaining its customers for over 200 years. We wanted to celebrate this rich heritage and ensure it is appreciated today just as millions have enjoyed it overRead more

Heritage Highlights

I am rather excited about the new Heritage Highlights project. The first one, Landmark Listings, went down well, and I think this one will be just as good. Last time, we used the National Heritage List for England to show that historic buildings and monuments have connections with iconic events in the history of England. This time, we want to show that buildings and monuments can also provide answers to intriguing questions, such as ‘are the statues of soldiers on warRead more

Documenting the Physical Legacy of the Home Front 1914 – 18

Today the Council for British Archaeology, English Heritage and many other national organisations are launching an online project, Home Front Legacy 1914 – 18, which turns us all into archaeologists. It could not be more exciting or important. We are seeking to record as many as possible of the thousands of First World War related sites in the UK. With the help of members of the public armed with their mobile phones, tablets or just a pencil and paper, weRead more