The Hat Industry of Luton

Luton has an industrial pedigree to be proud of and one which has shaped almost every aspect of the town. No, not car manufacture (although that is undoubtedly important), but an older industry – hat manufacture. The town produced as many as 70 million hats a year in the 1930s – an astonishing number, and yet Luton’s role as a global centre of hat manufacture is largely forgotten. Our new book, The Hat Industry of Luton and its Buildings, seeksRead more

A new site for the Battle of Hastings?

Last night’s Time Team aired on Channel 4 and apart from cringing at the prospect of watching myself on TV, I was very keen to see it. Earlier this year, we were approached by Time Team to make a programme about the Battle of Hastings and we welcomed this opportunity to further our understanding of the abbey and battlefield. It was agreed to dig three trenches on the fields below Battle Abbey under the supervision of Dr Glenn Foard ofRead more