October’s Research Report Series

At the end of each month Kirsty Stonell Walker, our Reports Administrator, updates Heritage Calling readers on new research published by the English Heritage Research Report Series. If you are interested in any of the publications please follow the link to download your free pdf copy. 

Before I introduce this month’s downloadable reports, I’ll just tell you a bit about the history of the report series to help you use the searchable database and find the reports that interest you.

The reports are split into two numbering systems.  Since 1986, we have numbered our reports chronologically, so the first report published in 1986 is 1/1986, the fifth report from 2001 is 5/2001, and so on.

Before that, the system consist of a 4-digit number and these are often referred to as our ‘Old Series’ reports.  Some of these date back to the 1950s and 60s, before word processing and desk top publishing, and therefore look ‘authentically aged’, shall we say.  However, these reports are part of the development of our modern world and I was fascinated to find reports written as part of the planning and building of the motorways, such as 2647, which is an animal bone report on a section of the M3 motorway in Hampshire.  These reports not only tell you about the history of our work, but also they hold stories as to the history of modern England.

To find the older reports, type in a searchable term, such as a place name or what the report is about, such as animals or flints, and look out for the reports with four-digit references.

And on to this month’s new releases:


27/2013 Osmington White Horse Hill Figure, Dorset: A Regal Restoration

English Heritage and Ordnance Survey worked together with local groups to help restore a hill-figure generally known as the Osmington White Horse. Read about their work from research to unveiling here.


13/2013 – Church of St Michael, Church Street, Appleby Magna, Leicestershire: Tree-Ring Analysis and Radiocarbon Wiggle-Matching of the Ladder in the Tower

Wiggle-matching and radiocarbon dating have been used to date an early Tudor ladder in the tower of a church in Leicestershire.   Read about the in depth work here.

21/2013 – Hoo Peninsula, Kent: Hoo Peninsula Historic Landscape Project

The Hoo Peninsula in Kent is under threat from rising sea levels and future planning.  This report addresses the history, through farming, industry, warfare and wildlife of the landscape in the hope that it will inform its tomorrow.

RRS37_2013_Bradford Abbas

37/2013 – Bradford Abbas, Dorset: Aerial Investigation and Mapping of a Roman Camp

A possible rare example of a Roman camp in South West England may give evidence of the Claudian campaign against the Iron Age population.  Read about the remarkable past seen from the air in this aerial survey report:

As always, our searchable reports database can be found here and all our downloads are free of charge!

Kirsty Stonell Walker

Reports Administrator

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