Research Report Series: A Wealth of Research Available Online

At the end of each month Kirsty Stonell Walker, our Reports Administrator, will update Heritage Calling readers on new research published by the English Heritage Research Report Series. If you are interested in any of the publications please follow the link to download your copy for free.  The Report Series has existed in one form or another for over 50 years and encompasses the best of our research in subjects as diverse as dendrochronology, aerial photography, archaeology, architecture and animalRead more

Brutal & Beautiful: A Major Year for Post-War Listing

From cathedrals to private houses, war memorials to sculptures, we celebrates the post-war era and its best listed buildings. Elain Harwood, Senior Architectural Investigator for English Heritage, remembers when she first learned to appreciate this tough architectural style. This is an exciting time for one of English Heritage’s often talked about activities, that of recommending buildings from the later twentieth century for listing. The process began 25 years ago when in July 1987 Bracken House, newspaper offices in the City of London by SirRead more

Oceanic Climate Change and Underwater Archaeology

Mark Dunkley is a marine archaeologist within English Heritage’s Designation Department and is responsible for the protection of underwater archaeological sites. His work is receiving international interest for developing new and innovative ways to conserve and manage these fragile remains.  The identification of major environmental threats to cultural heritage and the built environment has been one of the core strands of our National Heritage Protection Plan with work already begun to assess the potential effects of climate change on theRead more

Who lived in your home?

In this third installment of Kate Bevan’s Finding Your Home’s History we find out about her home’s first inhabitants and we also discover an interesting similarity in their daily commute.  In my last post, I found out a little bit more about the structure and fabric of my house – how it was built and what the different rooms were originally used for. I also discovered a Christmas card addressed to ‘Louisa’ and dated 1897. I really wanted to find outRead more