Looking inside: Investigation of marine archaeological artefacts

Angela Middleton holds a degree in archaeological conservation from the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin/ Germany and an MSc in Maritime Conservation Science from the University of Portsmouth/ UK. She has worked for the Newport Medieval Ship Project and the Michael Faraday Museum of the Royal Institution before joining English Heritage as an Archaeological Conservator in 2007. She advises on and undertakes research and investigative conservation on material retrieved from land and marine sites, with a special interest in the conservationRead more

The Changing Face of the High Street: Decline and Revival

A new report demonstrates that embracing historic character makes for a popular high street, Tim Brennan, our Senior Regeneration Advisor, discusses how councils can identify and embrace historic character to sensitively sow the seeds of a successful development scheme. Almost everyone will be familiar with the issues currently facing retailers and those involved in managing our high streets – the success of out of town shopping and the growth of online retailing has had very obvious effects on the health ofRead more

Historic Window Glass: The Use of Chemical Analysis to Date Manufacture

David Dungworth works for the Heritage Protection Department and is part of the team that provides English Heritage with specialist skills in heritage science. This post is based on his research on historic window glass, where the primary aim is to improve the conservation of historic glass by providing a means to identify which panes are original and which are later replacements. A full list of David’s publications can be found on his LinkedIn profile. I work in a laboratoryRead more

Alston Moor: Buildings in a North Pennines Landscape

Matthew Whitfield is an Investigator in the Heritage Protection Department. He is involved with projects within the National Heritage Protection Plan, adding to public understanding of different aspects of historic buildings and areas. His next book is about English suburbs. Do you know where Alston Moor is? I confess that I didn’t before I started work on a book that aimed to shine a spotlight on this sparsely populated corner of upland England (if you don’t know the answer andRead more

Finding your home’s history

Kate Bevan is the Cataloguing Team Leader for the Historic England Archive Team in Swindon and is also leading the development of the Your Home’s History section of our website.  In 2009 I bought my first house. Having lived in Swindon for a couple of years, I knew the town fairly well, and opted for a small terraced house near the centre, in need of considerable redecoration. Any free time over the next few years was spent on painting and DIY, but onceRead more