‘London Hidden Interiors’ – ever fancied a peek inside Downing Street?

Before leaving English Heritage in 2011 to set up his own heritage and design consultancy, Philip Davies was the Planning and Development Director for London and South–East England.  Here, he tells us how his latest book, ‘London Hidden Interiors’, came into being… One of the joys of working for English Heritage was the opportunity to advise on a whole range of buildings and interiors which the public are not normally allowed to see, or which are little-known. I was incrediblyRead more

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing: devising new ways to manage marine heritage

English Heritage has over a decade of experience in the management of shipwreck sites. This experience is largely based on managing change to the remains of sunken wooden warships – we’ve recently published guidance on the management of pre-1950 ships and boats:  Ships & Boats: Prehistory to 1840 (published spring 2012) and Ships & Boats: 1840 to 1950 (published January 2013). However, in order to begin to understand the management requirements of metal-hulled vessels, an initial programme of research, ultrasonic investigationRead more