A year of ‘Landmark Listings’: England’s history protected

We have just launched a new series on our website highlighting fascinating historic sites, as part of our celebrating 100 years of heritage protection. They are all protected and their details are held in the online National Heritage List for England, hence it is called ‘Landmark Listings’, even though it showcases all the different types of legal protection. I work in the Designation Department, leading one of the small teams that recommends to Government which buildings or archaeological sites shouldRead more

What did you learn at school today? ‘England’s Schools 1962 – 88: A Thematic Study’

School buildings can make amazing learning tools. Colour schemes, bespoke fittings, displays of work, and child-sized furniture make for stimulating and characterful learning environments. In the post-war era, school designers explored all these things, as well as new forms of prefabricated construction, natural lighting and ventilation, the landscaping of school grounds, and distinctive materials or architectural styles. School buildings are one of those topics which are seldom out of the spotlight. The continuing debate on investment across the school estateRead more