Woolwich: from barracks & dockyards to cinemas & churches – the latest volume of the Survey of London

This month sees the publication of the 48th volume of the Survey of London, the leading reference publication on the history of the capital and its buildings. The Survey, founded in 1894, now gives us Woolwich, with a beautiful array of specially commissioned photographs, drawings, maps, plans, and wonderful historic images. Woolwich is among London’s most intriguing districts, with a vigorously independent record. A Thames-side settlement with pre-Roman origins, it grew from Tudor times into a dynamic military and navalRead more

Pharaohs & sphinxes from Lancaster to Penzance: ‘Egypt in England’, the new exhibition at Wellington Arch

This exhibition does what it says on the tin, really. It’s about Egypt – in England. So, what does that involve? Well, it includes: an Ancient Egyptian god with a power drill; sheep grazing on the roof of a linen mill; a Victorian Earl called Black Jack, allegedly a member of the Hellfire Club, who is buried with his mistress (who he eloped with) in an Egyptian style tomb; the man called ‘The Shakespeare of the Sawdust’ with a graveRead more